SESRIC Participated in the Workshop on ‘Digitalization of Services in Investment Promotion of OIC Member Countries’
Date: 19-20 December 2022
Venue: Hybrid, Casablanca - Morocco

SESRIC participated in the Workshop on “Digitalization of Services in Investment Promotion of OIC Member Countries” organised by the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT) and Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in collaboration with the Islamic Corporation for the Insurance of Investment and Export Credit (ICIEC) and the Moroccan Agency for Investment and Export Development (AMDIE) in a hybrid format in Casablanca, Kingdom of Morocco on 19-20 December 2022. The Workshop was attended by the senior officials of the Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) of the OIC countries, relevant OIC institutions and international organisations along with several prominent experts.

The Workshop was organised with the objective to enhance services’ digitalization in IPAs of OIC Member Countries through sharing knowledge, country experiences, best practices and presenting the technical assistance of active leading international institutions in this domain like the UNCTAD, WAIPA, SESRIC, ICCIA, ICIEC, IsDB and ICDT.

During the session titled “The Digital Future and How Digital Transformation Could Impact Trade & Investment?”, Dr. Atilla KARAMAN, Director of Statistics and Information Department of SESRIC, made a presentation titled “Digital Transformation and Digital Skills in the OIC Countries”. The presentation provided an overall picture of the OIC countries with available data concerning their technology infrastructure, ecosystem adoption, security and assurance, and talent and human affinity they use to promote digital transformation based on the analysis with respect to the Global Cloud Ecosystem Index (GCEI) 2022, maintained by MIT ranking the performance of 76 countries including 17 OIC member countries. The Digital Skills part of the presentation focused on active social media users and SDG indicator 4.4.1 concerning the proportion of youth and adults with information and communications technology (ICT) skills in the OIC member countries based on the data collected from the OIC member countries and UNSD Global SDG database.

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