Training Workshop on ‘Promoting Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship in OIC Africa French-Speaking Member Countries’
Date: 14-16 March 2023
Venue: Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara - Türkiye

Within the framework of the Vocational Education and Training Programme for the Member States of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC-VET) and in line with the OIC-TVET Strategic Roadmap 2020-2025, SESRIC organised a Training Workshop on “Promoting Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship in OIC Africa French-Speaking Member Countries” on 14-16 March 2023 through an online video conferencing platform.

The training workshop was provided by competent experts from the National Agency for Employment and Independent Work (ANETI) of the Republic of Tunisia for the benefit of 80 experts and executives from the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Authorities and relevant national institutions of 12 OIC African French-Speaking Member Countries.

The main objective of the training workshop was to share knowledge, experiences and good practices in promoting youth innovation and entrepreneurial learning to equip TVET graduates as modern employees and innovative future entrepreneurs. The training workshop provided insights into the technical and practical aspects of entrepreneurship education as well as teaching methods and approaches in TVET by focusing on the importance of building entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and mindset in TVET learners.

The training workshop commenced with the opening remarks of Mr. Onur ÇAĞLAR, Director of the Training and Technical Cooperation Department at SESRIC, who highlighted the importance of promoting youth innovation and entrepreneurship, which is essential for sustainable development in the OIC African French Speaking Member Countries. He further stated that with a young and rapidly growing population, these countries have a significant opportunity to harness the innovative potential of their youth to drive economic growth, create jobs, and tackle social and environmental challenges.

In his opening address, Mr. Chaouki BAHRINI, the Director of Entrepreneurship Development and Promotion of Micro-enterprise at the National Agency for Employment and Independent Work (ANETI) of the Republic of Tunisia, expressed his gratitude to the SESRIC for providing an opportunity to share ANETI's experience and expertise in the field. Mr. BAHRINI briefly outlined ANETI's activities and underscored the significance of entrepreneurship in Tunisia's economic landscape. Furthermore, he conveyed ANETI's commitment to collaborate with SESRIC and the OIC African French Speaking Countries in advancing entrepreneurial endeavours within the region.

The OIC-VET is an initiative of SESRIC officially launched at the COMCEC Economic Summit held in Istanbul, Türkiye, on 09 November 2009. The Centre developed and designed this Programme to support and contribute to the efforts of the OIC Member Countries towards addressing the challenges and limitations faced in the area of TVET. The Programme also aims to enhance the quality of TVET systems in the OIC Member Countries, which in turn contribute to the development and competitiveness of their economies. SESRIC, in its capacity as the Executing OIC Organ of the Programme, monitors the implementation of the OIC-TVET Strategic Roadmap 2020-2025 and regularly submits the progress reports towards the implementation of the Roadmap to the Ministerial Sessions and the Follow-up Committee Meetings of the COMCEC. For more details about the OIC-VET and its activities, please visit: