Thirty-third Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers
Date: 19-21 June 2006
Venue: Baku - Azerbaijan

The Thirty-third Session of the Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (Session of Harmony of Rights, Freedom and Justice) convened in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan, on 19-21 June 2006.

The Conference addressed a large number of issues including in particular the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories and the Arab-Israeli conflict, the recent developments in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Sudan, the peace process between India and Pakistan, combating terrorism, the rights of Muslim minorities in non-Islamic countries, the coordination between member States in the field of human rights and the international Islamic court of justice. The Conference also dedicated a considerable part of its proceedings to economic issues where the ministers focused notably on the economic situation in the member countries and the specific problems faced by the landlocked and least-developed members, the promotion of the multilateral trade system, the establishment of an Islamic common market and the economic assistance to some member countries stricken by drought and natural disasters, and capacity building to reduce poverty. At the end of its proceedings, the Conference adopted the Baku Declaration and a Final Communiqué and welcomed the offer by the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to host the next session at a date to be determined in due course.