H.E. Zehra Zümrüt SELÇUK Attends Launch of International Maarif Preschool Education Programme for OIC Member Countries
Date: 05 January 2024
Venue: Istanbul - Türkiye

H.E. Zehra Zümrüt SELÇUK attended the launch event of the International Maarif Preschool Education Programme on January 5, 2024, in Istanbul. Organized by the Turkish Maarif Foundation, the program aims to elevate early childhood education in some OIC member countries.

Prior to the event, H.E. SELÇUK engaged in a fruitful discussion with Prof. Dr. Birol AKGUN, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Maarif Foundation regarding the International Maarif Preschool Education Programme, emphasizing the crucial role of early education, which is a fundamental child right.

The Turkish Maarif Foundation was established in 2016 to provide formal and non-formal education and to award scholarships in all educational processes from preschool to university education, to open facilities such as educational organizations and dormitories, to train educators to be assigned to these organizations including domestic organizations, to conduct scientific research, and to carry out research and development studies, publish academic works and develop methods and conduct other educational activities.