Workshop for the Arab Countries on 'Tourism Statistics and Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA)' in Syria
Date: 12-15 October 2009
Venue: Damascus - Syria

Damascus, SyriaThe Workshop for the Arab Countries on Tourism Statistics and Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) was held on 12-15 October 2009 in Damascus, Syria. The workshop was co-organized with Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics (AITRS) in collaboration with World Tourism Organization (WTO).

26 participants attended the workshop from 12 Arab states; namely Jordan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sultanate of Oman, Palestine, Morocco, Arab Republic of Egypt, Sudan and Libya. Dr. Juan Falconi, expert from WTO, Ms. Arzu Semati, expert from the Turkish Institute for Statistics, and Mr. Khalid Muzaffer, expert from Ministry of Economy of Sultanate of Oman, lectured the participants on the topics handled during the sessions of the workshop. Below, were the titles of the lectures given during the workshop:

  • Tourism Statistics in Arab States: Prospects and Challenges
  • International recommendations on Tourism Statistics
  • Border Statistics
  • Inbound and Outbound Tourism Expenditures and Domestic Tourism
  • WTO Questionnaire on Tourism Arrivals and Departures
  • Surveys on Expenditures of Inbound and Outbound Tourism and International Tourism
  • WTO Data on Hotels
  • WTO Questionnaire on Tourism Statistics Methodology
  • Tourism Satellite Accounts

Country experiences related to these topics were also shared during the workshop.