Master Trainers from Senegal Awarded with İMTP Certificate
Date: 26 November - 04 December 2012
Venue: Istanbul - Türkiye

A group of eight master trainers from different vocational schools of the Republic of Senegal received training at the Centre for Art and Vocational Training Courses of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İSMEK) under SESRIC’s İSMEK Master Trainer Programme (İMTP) with the support of Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TİKA) on 26 November-4 December 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Senegalese Master Trainers received trainings at a number of İSMEK training centers in İstanbul on the subjects of “Ebru (Marbling)” and “Filography”. The six-day training programme has been hosted by İSMEK and participants were rewarded with certificates.

İSMEK Master Trainer Programme (İMTP) is a programme developed jointly by SESRIC and İSMEK within the framework of the Vocational Education and Training Programme of the OIC Member Countries (OIC-VET) to provide intensive free training courses to master trainers from OIC Member Countries in various subjects under different categories.

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