Experts Advisory Group Meeting on the Draft OIC Strategic Health Programme of Action (OIC-SHPA) 2013-2022

Date : 18-19 February 2013 Venue : Ankara - Turkey

SESRIC organized an Experts Advisory Group Meeting (EAGM) on 18-19 Febraury 2013 at its Headquarters in Ankara to review the draft OIC-SHPA 2013-2022 document. SESRIC prepared this document in accordance with the decision of the 2nd Islamic Conference of Health Ministers (Tehran, March 2009) and upon a request by the OIC Steering Committee on Health. The EAGM was attended by the delegates from 15 OIC member countries and eight OIC and international institutions.

In the opening session, Dr. Razley Mohd Nurdin, Director General of Department of Science and Technology in OIC General Secretariat, Dr. El Bashier Sallam, Manager of Health Division in IDB Group, and Prof. Savas Alpay, Director General of SESRIC delivered their opening remarks. All the speakers highlighted the vital role of health sector in the development of OIC countries. They underlined the progress made by member countries with respect to some major health indicators in comparison with global and regional averages. They also highlighted the importance of OIC-wide cooperation in the area of health and crucial role of OIC-SHPA in this regard. After the opening remarks, the meeting elected its Bureu and adopted the agenda and work programme.

During the first working session, Mr. Mazhar Hussain, Senior Researcher at SESRIC made a presentation on the draft OIC-SHPA. In his presentation, Mr. Hussain briefed the participants about the mandate, objectives and structure of the draft OIC-SHPA document. He focused particularly on the six thematic areas of cooperation which have been identified for the joint action of the OIC member countries, relevant institutions and international organization in the domain of health. The presentation followed by a general debate on the draft OIC-SHPA document which countinued upto the third working session. During the discussion, the participants expressed their views about the contents of the OIC-SHPA and made valuable contributions to improve the draft document. After deliberating on the programmes of action under each thematic area of cooperation one by one the participants unanimously agreed upon the final version of the draft OIC-SHPA document.The final draft of the OIC-SHPA will be tabled to the Sixth Meeting of the OIC Steering Committee on Health for endorsement. Subsequently, the draft OIC-SHPA will be submitted to the Fourth session of the Islamic Conference of Health Ministers in October 2013 in Indonesia for its adoption.

In the fourth working session, Dr. Razley Mohd Nurdin, Director General of Department of Science and Technology in OIC General Secretariat, made a presentation on the Action Plan for the implementation of OIC-SHPA document. In his presentation, Dr. Razley briefed the participants on a draft phase-wise implementation plan and asked the member countries to volunteer to lead the respective six thematic areas. Later on, the six leading countries were decided as follow:

Thematic Area 1: Health System Strengthening – Kazakhstan
Thematic Area 2: Disease Prevention and Control – Turkey
Thematic Area 3: Maternal, New-born and Child Health and Nutrition – Indonesia
Thematic Area 4: Medicines, Vaccines and Medical Technologies – Malaysia
Thematic Area 5: Emergency Health Response and Interventions – Sudan
Thematic Area 6: Information, Research, Education and Advocacy – Egypt

These thematic working groups will prepare a draft of implementation plan of the OIC-SHPA which will cover selected programmes of action to be implemented under each thematic area.

At the closing session, the participants unanimously adopted the report of the EAGM and expressed their gratitude to the SESRIC for warm hospitality and excellent arrangements. They also thanked the Chair and the Bureau of the meeting for the excellent steering of the sessions during the meeting.