Training Course on ‘Land Management: Soil Analysis and Mapping’ in Lebanon
Date: 04-06 February 2013
Venue: Beirut - Lebanon

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised training on “Land Management: Soil Analysis and Mapping” at Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, on 4-6 February 2013. The course was provided by Ms Fatinah Rashid Abdulteef, an expert from Ministry of Agriculture of Iraq, and was attended by Mohamad Abou Daher, Head of Agriculture Education and Training Department of Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, scientists, agriculturists, and officers.

The training course on “Land Management: Soil Analysis and Mapping” mainly covered the following subjects:

  • Introduction
  • Land management
  • Soil analysis (part 1)
  • Soil analysis (part 2)
  • Soil analysis (part 3)
  • Mapping
  • Mapping (part 2)