SESRIC Participated in the Promoting Self Reliance in Production of Medicines and Vaccines-Meeting of Vaccine Manufacturers from OIC Countries

Date : 27-28 February 2013 Venue : Dubai - United Arab Emirates

The Promoting Self Reliance in Production of Medicines and Vaccines-Meeting of Vaccine Manufacturers was held on 27-28 February 2013 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the collaboration of the OIC General Secretariat and the Science, Technology and Innovation Organization (STIO). The meeting was attended by the OIC General Secretariat and relevant OIC institutions, including Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), OIC Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation (COMSTECH), STIO, as well as the representatives of a select group of medicine and vaccine manufacturers from OIC Member States.

The meeting discussed ways and means to implement the recommendations and decisions of the Islamic Summit Conferences and the Islamic Conferences of Health Ministers, calling for the promotion of self-reliance in production of vaccines and medicines in the OIC Member States. The participants shared their feedback on the status of vaccines and medicines production in the OIC countries, major challenges to self-reliance and avenues for collaboration and prospects of a joint action in this field. Dr. Umut Unal, Researcher at SESRIC, gave a presentation on the status of immunization and vaccine industry in the OIC Countries. The presentation underscored the need for improving manufacturing capacities in the pharmaceutical industry in the OIC Member States where local industry covered a small portion of domestic pharmaceutical demand leading to heavy reliance on imports from foreign sources.

The meeting recognized the importance of promoting self-reliance in production of medicine and vaccines and expressed its commitments to work together for the achievement of this goal. The meeting further recognized that the objective could be achieved through joint action in phased manner by various stakeholders in the spirit of Islamic Solidarity and fraternity.


  • Agenda (English)
  • Programme of Work (English)
  • Presentation on: "Current Stance of Immunization and Vaccine Industry in the OIC Countries", SESRIC (English)