Training Course on 'Hospital and Health Care Facilities Management and Administration' in Turkey
Date: 23 April - 02 May 2013
Venue: Izmir - Türkiye

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised, in collaboration with the Aegean International Federation of Health (ESAFED), a training course on “Hospital and Health Care Facilities Management and Administration” within the framework of the OIC-IbnSina Programme for Health Capacity Building (IbnSina-HCaB) on 23 April 2013 – 02 May 2013 in Izmir, Republic of Turkey. This education programme, organised for the general managers of several hospitals in Yemen ended with a certificate ceremony with the participation of Prof. Savaş Alpay, Director General of SESRIC and Dr. Ali Iravul, Member of the Board of ESAFED and Coordinator of the Project for Yemen.

In his speech Prof. Savaş Alpay expressed his satisfaction on the level of cooperation with ESAFED, and added that this cooperation shall also be extended to all 57 Member Countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). He mentioned that SESRIC is providing unique services in the health sector based on the analyses of the replies received after circulation of health questionnaires to member countries.

Dr. Ali Iravul indicated his pleasure for sharing the Turkish experience in management and administration of hospital and health care facilities. Dr. Nasr Hamid Ahmed Naef, General Manager of Aljumhury Public Hospital and head of the Yemenis delegatoin stated that they were very satisfied with the training programme and noted that Turkey’s recent initiatives in the field of management and administration of hospitals and health care facilities are very remarkable and that they believe to have increased their managerial and administrative capacities.

The course was provided by Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Tözün, Director of Public Health in Izmir, Assoc. Prof. Osman Nuri Dilek, Secretary of Public Hospitals of the Northern Region of Izmir, Dr. Turhan Sofuoğlu, Coordinator of 112 Emergency of the northern region of Izmir, Dr. Ali Iravul, Prof. Şeyda Örs Kaya, Assoc. Prof. Ali Çoşkun and several other experts.

The training course on “Hospital and Health Care Facilities Management and Administration” covered mainly the following subjects;

  • Quality Management and Accreditation
  • Patient and Staff Safety
  • Financial Management of Health Care Organizations
  • Supply Management at Health Care Facilities
  • Health Care Marketing



  1. The Applications of the Patient and Personal Security, ESAFED (English)
  2. Patients’ Rights, ESAFED (English)
  3. Health Activities in Disasters, ESAFED (English)
  4. Management Strategies in the Health Sector
    • Health Structures, Organizations and Management, ESAFED (Turkish)
    • Management and Organizations in Health Structures, ESAFED (English)
    • Evaluation and Verification of Strategies in Health Organizations, ESAFED (English)
    • Strategies for Cooperation among Institutions, ESAFED (English)
  5. Marketing and Public Relations in the Health Sector
    • Health Care Public Relations, ESAFED (English)
    • Distribution Health Care Marketing, ESAFED (English)
    • Inventory Management, ESAFED (English)
    • Health Care Service Marketing, ESAFED (English)
  6. Health Sector in Turkey
    • Equitable Acces to Health: Snapshots from the Health Reform in Turkey, ESAFED (English)
    • Universal Health Coverage in Turkey, ESAFED (English)
  7. Emergency Administration, ESAFED (English)
  8. Indicator Management, ESAFED (English)
  9. Material Management in the Health Sector
    • A New Look at Material Management Systems in Hospital Information Systems, ESAFED (English)
    • HBYS Decision Support , ESAFED (English)
  10. Medical Technologies, ESAFED (English)
  11. Management of Intensive Care Unit, ESAFED (English)
  12. Family Medicine, ESAFED (English)





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