Fourth Islamic Conference of Health Ministers: “Better Nutrition, Better Health, Better Ummah”

Date : 22-24 October 2013 Venue : Jakarta - Indonesia

The Fourth Islamic Conference of Health Ministers with the theme of “Better Nutrition, Better Health, Better Ummah” was held in Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia on 22-24 October 2013. The Conference was attended by the Ministers of Health and high-level representatives from 36 OIC Member States, various OIC institutions and international organizations and entities. The aim of the Conference was to adopt the OIC Strategic Health Programme of Action 2014-2023 (OIC-SHPA) along with its Implementation Plan and provide an opportunity for the Ministers and Representatives of the Member States to review the status of health in OIC, examine major health-related issues and identify concrete measures for strengthening cooperation among the OIC member countries with regard to health infrastructures, education, training, capacity building, disease surveillance, prevention and control as well as self-reliance in drugs and vaccine production. Prof. Savas Alpay, Director General, and Mr. Mazhar Hussain, Senior Researcher, represented the Centre thereat.

SESRIC actively participated in the Conference and presented the Draft OIC-SHPA 2014-2023 and its Implementation Plan to the Ministers, coordinated a panel discussion on Healthy Lifestyles and Non Communicable Diseases Control and delivered a presentation on Maternal, New-born and Child Health. The Centre also contributed to the Conference with two studies titled: “The OIC Health Report 2013”, and “Vaccines Need Assessment in OIC Member Countries”.

The inaugural session of the Conference was addressed by the OIC Assistant Secretary General, Ambassador Abdul Moiz Bokhari, His Excellency Dr. Erik Baizhunussov, Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Chairperson of the 4th Islamic Conference of Health Ministers, Her Excellency Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Minister of Health of Indonesia. Afterwards, the Chairperson briefed the Conference about the Strategic Health Programme of Action and invited the participants to adopt the document. The Conference adopted the Strategic Health Programme of Action (SHPA) along with its Implementation Plan.

Eight Panel Discussions were held during the 4th ICHM on i) Fight against Tuberculosis; ii) Eradication of Malaria; iii) Global Eradication of Polio; iv) Ending Preventable Maternal and Child Death – Accelerating Progress for 2015 and beyond; v) Self Reliance on supply and production of pharmaceuticals including vaccines; vi) Nutrition and Stunting; vii) Healthy Life Style and Non-Communicable Diseases Control; viii) OIC contribution to the post 2015 MDG document. The salient elements and recommendations of the Panel discussions were summarized in the resolutions adopted by the Conference.

The Health Ministers and Representatives of the Member States adopted six resolutions covering a range of issues relevant to the OIC Health agenda. The conference also adopted the Jakarta Declaration which reaffirmed the centrality of the health issues for the socio-economic development of the OIC Member States and encouraged the commitment of the Member States to attach high priority to health issues, and foster intra-OIC and international health cooperation.

Turkey will host the 5th Session of the Islamic Conference of Health Ministers, to be held in 2015.