Training Course on 'Competition Law and Policy' in Pakistan
Date: 18-20 June 2013
Venue: Islamabad - Pakistan

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised, in collaboration with the Competition Authority of the Republic of Turkey, a training course on "Competition Law and Policy" within the framework of the OIC Capacity Building Programme for Competition Authorities (OIC-CA-CaB) on 18-20 June 2013 in Islamabad, Pakistan. The course was attended by several experts from the Competition Commission of Pakistan.

The training course on "Competition Law and Policy" mainly covered the following subjects;

Abuse of Dominance

  1. Determining an unreasonable increase in price\excessive pricing [CCP Order in Fertilizer Case]
  2. Establishing a price\margin squeeze [CCP Enquiry Report in DSL Broadband Case]

Collusive Agreements

  1. Providing leniency [CCP Order in PEMA Case]
  2. How to deal with the documents provided under Leniency Application.
  3. Applying a regulated conduct defence test [CCP Order in ICH Case]
  4. Foreign Sovereign Compulsion Doctrine / State Action Doctrine [CCP Order in POEPA and GAMCA Case] 
  5. How long to maintain the secrecy of the Informant under the Rewards payment scheme, what is the procedure in Turkey.

Deceptive Marketing

  1. False and misleading marketing [CCP Orders in Engineering Universities Case and Al-Hilal Industries Case] 
  2. Marketing campaign lacking a reasonable basis for claims [CCP Order in S.C. Johnson & Son Case] 
  3. Fraudulent Use of Trademark [CCP Order in DHL & BMW & Harley Davidson Case]

Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Nexus between change of control and acquisition transactions
  2. Single economic entity (parent-subsidiary relation) doctrine application on turnover calculations
  3. Acquisition vis-à-vis share repurchase
  4. Failing firm defence