Training Programme on 'Breeding and Improving Wheat Plants to Increase the Productivity' in Qatar
Date: 04-06 June 2013
Venue: Doha - Qatar

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised a training programme on “Breeding and Improving Wheat Plants to Increase the Productivity” in Qatar on 4-6 June 2013, within the framework of OIC Agriculture Capacity Building Programme (OIC-AgriCaB). The Course was provided by Dr. Emin Dönmez, Head Of Breeding Department, Central Research Institute for Field Crops, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey with participation of relevant scientists and agronomists of Ministry of Environment of Qatar.

Within the training programme, participants discussed challenges and possible solutions and future prospects in regard with the current agricultural problems in Qatar.

The training programme mainly covered the following subjects:

  • Introduction
  • Breeding studies in Turkey
  • What is breeding and what breeding aims
  • Conventional breeding self-pollinated crops
  • Selection
    • Pure line selection
    • Pedigree breeding
    • Bulk breeding method
    • Partially populations breeding
  • Wheat breeding methodology in Cereal Research Institute of Turkey
  • Parent selection at hybridization
  • Documentation and notes at breeding
  • Elite seed production
  • Mutation breeding and breeding for disease resistant
  • Purity of breeding material
  • Timetable of breeding
  • Challenges, future prospects and discussions on the subject of the next training programme


  • Breeding Self Pollinated Crops (English)
  • Crossing Wheat (English)
  • Ways Plants Survive Drought (English)
  • Quality Breeding at Bread Wheat (English)
  • Detection of Sunn Pest Tolerance in Wheat Varieties in Central Anatolian Plateau (English)
  • Wheat Breeding Methodology (English)
  • Useful Schedule in a Wheat Breeding Programme (English)
  • IWWIP Local Wheat Breeding Project (English)