Training Course on “Multilateral Trading Systems and Accession to WTO”

Date : 11-14 November 2013 Venue : Baku - Azerbaijan

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) organised, in collaboration with the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group and the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER) under the Ministry of Economy and Industry of Azerbaijan, a training course on “Multilateral Trading Systems and Accession to the WTO” in Baku, Azerbaijan on 12-14 November 2013, within the framework of the OIC Capacity Building Programme for Multilateral Trading Systems (MTS-CaB).

The training course targeted trade experts, researchers, professionals and PhD students selected from different governmental institutions, universities and research centres. The main objective of the training programme was to acquaintance with the rules and regulations as well as structure and mechanisms of WTO, and explore on advantages and disadvantages of accession to WTO in the case of Azerbaijan.

The training course commenced with an opening session where Dr. Vilayat Valiyev, Director of the Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms (ISRER), Mr. Mehmet Fatih Serenli, Director of Training and Technical Cooperation Department of SESRIC, and Mr. Ali Ibn Abi Talib Abdelrahman Mahmoud, Senior Specialist at WTO Unit of Islamic Development Bank made welcoming and opening addresses to the participants.

The training programme mainly covered the following topics:

  • Accession WTO
  • Multilateral Trading Systems
  • Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF)
  • Open Trade
  • Transparency in Trade
  • Promoting Fair Competition
  • Tariffs