Workshop on 'Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and Standards'
Date: 04 May 2014
Venue: Istanbul - Türkiye

The Centre jointly organised with the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) and the General Directorate of Occupational Health and Safety (DGOHS) operating under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of the Republic of Turkey (MoLSS) a Workshop on "Occupational Safety and Health Regulations and Standards" on 4 May 2014, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The meeting took place with the participation of high and medium level experts and managers of occupational health and safety from 14 OIC Member Countries, namely, Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Iraq, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mauritania, Qatar, Palestine, Sudan, Togo, Turkey and Yemen.

The main objectives of the workshop were to assess and monitor the progress of the OIC-OSHNET, explore ways and means of the adoption and enforcement of International OSH Regulations and Standards, and to popularize occupational health and safety standards with regard to projects financed by relevant OIC Institutions in line with the Baku Declaration adopted by the Second Session of the Islamic Conference of Labour Ministers, which was held in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan, on 23-26 April 2013.

The Meeting commenced with welcome addresses by Mr. İsmail Gerim, Deputy Director General of the Directorate General of Occupational Health and Safety, Mr. Haluk Dağ, Secretary General of the Standards and Metrology Institute (SMIIC) of OIC and Mr. Mehmet Fatih Serenli, Director of Training and Technical Cooperation Department of SESRIC.

The participants were introduced OIC-OSHNET Draft Frame Standard and during the breakout sessions of the workshop the document was discussed by representatives of OIC Member Countries. Following the breakout sessions the plenary session identified further action points and adopted a number of recommendations for submission to the forthcoming OIC Steering Committee on Labour for considering to be presented to the next meeting of Islamic Conference of Labour Ministers for final adoption.