6th European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH)
Date: 26-29 March 2014
Venue: Istanbul - Türkiye

The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) participated in the "6th European Conference on Tobacco or Health (ECToH)", which was organised by the "Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control (TACRC)" in collaboration with "National Coalition on Tobacco or Health (SSUK)" under the auspices of the Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) on 26-29 March 2014, at The Marmara Hotel in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey.

The experts representing various international organisations and academia including TACRC and SSUK have also attended the congress. The main themes of the congress were:

  • Tobacco control practice in Europe: Learning from
  • Each other and sharing scenarios for end-game
  • Achievements and challenges in tackling smoking in Europe
  • A decade with smoke-free legislation and next steps
  • State of tobacco marketing: What we need to do
  • Women & girls as "customers": Meeting the challenge
  • Economics of tobacco and liability
  • Tackling the tobacco industry for end-game
  • Political, legal and scientific frameworks for the end-game
  • Packaging, health warnings
  • Challenges in evolving products
  • Sales restrictions
  • Ministries of Finance on tobacco taxation
  • Non-communicable diseases and tobacco
  • E-cigarettes
  • Did new tobacco policies in Europe in the 2000's reduce or widen socioeconomic inequalities in smoking?
  • Tobacco industry in Europe
  • Roundtable discussion on effectiveness of advocacy and media campaigns in Europe
  • Implementing and enforcing FCTC Article 5.3
  • Cessation programs, guidelines, and support

More information can be found at www.ectoh.org