Statistics Course on ‘Gender Statistics' in Maldives
Date: 23-25 April 2018
Venue: Male - Maldives

In accordance with its 2018 Annual Work Plan and within the framework of Statistical Capacity Building (StatCaB) Programme, SESRIC organised the Statistics Course on ‘Gender Statistics’ at National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of Maldives on 23 –25 April 2018.

The Statistics Course was conducted by Ms. Hasnani RANGKUTI, Expert from BPS-Statistics Indonesia, with the participation of 20 officials of the NBS.

As defined in the Classification of Statistical Activities (CSA Rev. 1 - October 2009;; Gender Statistics – covers living conditions and role in the society: comparisons men/women and situation of special population groups like children, youth, women, elderly, disabled, minority groups, etc.

The Statistics Course on ‘Gender Statistics’ included discussion activities with a focus on the following topics:

  • Basics of gender statistics,
  • Importance of demographic indicators for gender analysis,
  • Gender and economic activity,
  • Gender concerns in education.
  • Gender and Health,
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): an Introduction, and
  • SDGs related gender: Maldives context.

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