Ease of Doing Business Scores of OIC Member Countries are on the rise, SESRIC study finds
Date: 25 January 2019
Venue: Ankara - Türkiye

SESRIC has published a new issue of the Did You Know? (DYK) series on the improvement recorded in Ease of Doing Business Score of OIC Member Countries.

The DYK focuses on the ease of doing business score that indicates an economy’s position to the best business regulatory practice for local entrepreneurs. The score is available for 190 economies worldwide and 56 economies at the OIC level. An improvement recorded in ease of doing business score indicates that business regulatory environment reforms have worked and the economy has closed the gap between its score and the best regulatory performance score (100) over time. A large score improvement may also result in higher long-term economic growth rates.

The DYK also shows that the average improvement in ease of doing business score of the OIC countries group in the period 2015-2018 was estimated as 3.7 points which was above that of the country groups of Non-OIC Developing (2.2 points), Developed (0.7 point) and World (2.3 points). Djibouti, Brunei, and Azerbaijan were the top performers in the ease of doing business score among the OIC countries with over 10 points increase from 2015 to 2018. Additionally, UAE, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan scored higher than the Developed countries’ average in 2018.

The DYKs prepared by SESRIC aim to highlight the current situation of OIC countries on a specific socio-economic variable in a one-page format. The content of this collection is regularly enriched with different indicators.

To access the DYK on the Ease of Doing Business Score of OIC Member Countries and other themes, please visit: http://www.oicstatcom.org/didyouknow.php