Training Course on Myth of GM Technology to Combat Pest Losses of Cotton in Uganda
Date: 17-19 December 2019
Venue: Kampala - Uganda

Within the framework of the OIC Cotton Training Programme (OIC-CTP) SESRIC organised a Training Course on “Myth of GM Technology to Combat Pest Losses of Cotton” on 17-19 December 2019, in Kampala, the Republic of Uganda.

The training course was provided by an expert from the Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology in Pakistan for the benefit experts from Cotton Development Organisation of Uganda.

The main objective of the training was enhancing production efficiency and international competitiveness of the OIC Member Countries through cooperation and providing awareness about new technologies. The training course has mainly focused on following subjects:

  • Introduction of Agriculture Biotechnology at CEMB, Lahore applications and achievements
  • History of Bt Cotton Development at CEMB
  • How to Manage GM cotton
  • Prospects of Biotechnology and future Developments
  • Risk assessment of transgenic plants
  • Varietal Approval Process and CEMB GM Cotton
  • Worldwide adoptability of GM Cotton
  • Biotechnology Provides New Tools for Plant Breeding
  • Next generation GM research at CEMB
  • Production Technology of GM Cotton