Workshop on “Impact of Transportation Networks on Trade and Tourism” and Expert Group Meeting on “Transport Cooperation in the OIC Member Countries”
Date: 07-09 June 2011
Venue: Izmir - Türkiye

The COMCEC Economic Summit, which was held in Istanbul in November 2009 on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the COMCEC emphasized the importance of cooperation in the area of transportation to increase intra-OIC trade and requested COMCEC to work on the revitalization of cooperation in this important sector. Accordingly, the Republic of Turkey offered to organize an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on the subject with a view to exploring the possible modalities for cooperation in this important area. Meanwhile, the 26th Session of the COMCEC, which was held in Istanbul in October 2010, adopted the theme “The Impact of Transportation Networks on Trade and Tourism” as the theme for the Ministerial Exchange of Views Session at its 27th Session, which will be held in October 2011, and requested our the SESRIC, in collaboration with the IDB, the relevant OIC institutions and other related international organizations to organize a workshop on this theme and submit the outcomes to its 27th Session in October. Since the expected outcomes of these two events (the workshop and the EGM) are linked to each other, it has been decided to organize them consecutively and jointly by SESRIC, IDB and Ministry of Transport and Communication of the Republic of Turkey on 7-8 June 2011 and 9 June 2011, respectively in Izmir, Turkey. The common objective of both events is to identify and examine the common obstacles and challenges facing the OIC Member States in the area of transport and to propose possible ways and means of cooperation in this important field with a view to enhancing intra-OIC trade and tourism.




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