Training Course on 'Technology and Innovation Policy'
Date: 14-19 March 2011
Venue: Islamabad - Pakistan

SESRIC partnered with the Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy Research and Training, affiliated to COMSTECH, in the organization of the training course on “Technology and Innovation Policy” on 14- 19 March, in Islamabad, Pakistan.
The subjects of the training course were as follows:

  • Science, Technology and Innovation Policy: Historical perspective
  • Technology Capabilities for Social and Economic Development
  • The Dynamics of Technology Transfer: Role of Firms in National Competitiveness
  • International Trade, Technological Change and Technology Policy.
  • Innovation Indicators and Innovation Policy.
  • Network Clusters and Global Production Networks

The course was delivered by invited experts from the Global Knowledge Initiative, USA and University of Western Sydney, Australia, in collaboration with staff of COMSTECH Centre for STI Policy Research and Training, through a participatory methodology, consisting of interactive lectures followed by intensive discussions, practical exercises and individual and group assignments.

Main participants to the course were researchers, planners and implementers of strategies in the areas of science, technology and innovation.