First International HALAL Congress: IHCO 2011
Date: 14 October 2011
Venue: Ankara - Türkiye

The First International Halal Congress is organized by Islamic Chamber and Information Center, in partnership with the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Islamic Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), Statistical Economic and Social Research and Training Center (SESRIC), Iran Chamber of Commerce Industry and Mines and Muslim Excellence and Competitiveness Corporations Award on 14-15 October 2011, in Ankara, Turkey.

The topics of the Congress include:

  • Halal products (food stuffs, raw goods, necessity food stuffs, laboratories, standardization of documents, accreditation etc.)
  • Halal medicines (medicines for human and animal)
  • Halal cosmetics and other hygienic products
  • Halal services (collective food services, hotels, restaurants and tourism sector, banking, transport and collective vehicles)

Participants to the Congress will be members of chambers of commerce, manufacturers, academicians and students from different countries.

For more information please visit the Congress website at