Training Course on 'Plant Protection and Disease' in Uganda
Date: 20-22 June 2011
Venue: Kampala - Uganda

The Centre organised a training on “Plant Protection and Disease” at the Cotton Development Organization of the Republic of Uganda on 20-22 June 2011. The Course was provided by Dr. Oktay Erdoğan, an expert from the Nazilli Cotton Research Institute of Turkey, and was attended by 18 staff members of the Cotton Development Organization of the Republic of Uganda.

The training course on “Plant Protection and Disease” mainly covered the following subjects:

  • A presentation on General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Nazilli Cotton Research Institute
  • Verticillium Wilt Disease and Control
  • Screening of Cotton Genotypes against Verticillium Wilt
  • Cotton Damping – off and Control
  • Fusarium Wilt Disease and Control
  • Bacterial Blight Disease and Control
  • Cotton Leaf Curl Virus and Control
  • Cotton Anthracnose and Control
  • Results of Cotton Disease Research Project in Turkey
  • Evaluation of the Training Programme