Training Course on 'Price Statistics' in Jordan
Date: 03-05 July 2011
Venue: Amman - Jordan

The Centre organised a training Course on “Price Statistics” at Jordan Department of Statistics on 3-5 July 2011. The Course was provided by Mr. Ashraf Samarah, an expert from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, and was attended by 14 staff members from Department of Statistics in Jordan.

The training course on “Price Statistics” mainly covered the following subjects:


Concept and Importance of Price Statistics
  • Factors affecting Prices movement
  • Factors affected by Prices movement
  • Data sources for Price Statistics
  • Aim of Price Statistics
  • Data collection methods on Prices
    • Sample design for price data collection
    • Steps for selecting commodities
    • Selection of data sources
  • Types of Prices

Price Indices
  • Concept and Use
  • Constitution of Price Indices
  • Identification of goods and services included in price indices
  • Classification of items within groups
  • Determination of relative importance
  • Identification of data sources
  • Determination of base period
  • Determination of weights
  • Updating weights and commodities over time
  • Types of indices