Training Course on 'MDGs Related Statistics' in Sierra Leone
Date: 27-30 July 2011
Venue: Freetown - Sierra Leone

The Centre organised a training course on “MDGs Related Statistics” at Statistics Sierra Leone on 27-30 July 2011. The Course was provided by Ms. Lydia Tuhaise, a Senior Statician at the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), and was attended by 28 staff members of the Statistics Sierra Leone.

The training course on “MDGs Related Statistics” mainly covered the following subjects:

  • Background to statistics and the MDGs
    • Statistics and its role
    • Background to the adoption of the MDGs
    • What are the MDGs? – Goals, targets, indicators
    • Definitions
    • The Rationale of the MDGs
    • Concepts 
    • Relevance of MDGs in policy making 
  • Estimation of the MDGs
    • Sources of data 
    • Appropriate data collection methods 
    • Computation methods
  • Disseminating and communicating MDGs related data and statistics
    • Communicating statistics 
    • Use of tables, graphs and maps to present statistics 
    • Writing about numbers for bringing statistics to life 
  • Monitoring the use and impact of MDGs related statistics
    • Their role in policy making and advocacy 
    • Building local awareness and support for the MDGs 
  • MDGs reporting processes
    • Global, regional and sub-regional reporting levels 
    • The MDGs localization process 
    • Progress of the MDGs 
  • Good practices from different countries