Dr. Savaş Alpay, Director General of SESRIC, visited STIS
Date: 14 September 2011
Venue: Jakarta - Indonesia

Dr. Savaş Alpay, Director General of SESRIC, and Mr. Atilla Karaman, Researcher, visited Mr. Muchlis Husin, Acting Director of the Institute of Statistics (STIS), in Jakarta, Indonesia on 14 September 2011. Ms. Dewita Nasution, Vice Director for Student Affairs; Dr. Dedi Walujadi, Vice Director for Administration Affairs; Mr. Rifa Rufiadi, Head of General Administration Division; Mr. Sairi Hasbullah, Director of Public Relations and Legal Affairs Department at the BPS-Statistics Indonesia; Ms. Tias Tanjung Wilis, International Relations and Cooperation Division at the BPS-Statistics Indonesia were also present during the meeting.

During the meeting, Dr. Alpay expressed his thanks to Mr. Muchlis Husin for receiving SESRIC and briefed the participants on SESRIC’s activities, including the recently established Organisation of Islamic Cooperation Statistical Commission (OIC-StatCom) and SESRIC’s role as the Secretariat of the OIC-StatCom.

Following Dr. Alpay, Mr. Muchlis Husin made a presentation on the STIS. He stated that Institute of Statistics (STIS), founded in 1958 originally named as the Academy of Statistics (AIS), is an official higher education institute offering 4-year undergraduate programs under the administration of the BPS-Statistics Indonesia. He went on to say that the curriculum of the STIS includes courses of development economics, demography, social sciences, and information technology.

He informed the participants that there are two undergraduate departments under the STIS:

  • Department of Statistics (with specialisation areas of Economic Statistics and Social and Population Statistics) and
  • Department of Computational Statistics

each with a study load of 140-160 credits.

After discussing ways and means of cooperation between the two institutions on areas of common interest, the parties visited the facilities of the STIS.