Eng. Hüseyin Hakan Eryetli, Director of IT and Publications, visited the e-Government Program (YESSER) of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Date: 03 October 2011
Venue: Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Eng. Hüseyin Hakan Eryetli, Director of IT and Publications of SESRIC visited the e-Government Program (YESSER) of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and had a meeting with Mr. Ali S. AlSoma, Director General of the e-Government Program (YESSER) on 3 October 2011 in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Eng. Eryetli briefed Mr. AlSoma on the e-Government Initiative conducted by SESRIC since 2009 and invited him to actively take part in the OIC e-Government Working Group (eGovWG) which held its First Meeting on 5-6 July 2011, in Ankara, Republic of Turkey. Eng. Eryetli emphasized that the OIC eGovWG aims to be a platform knowledge and experience sharing in the field of e-government and e-governance among the OIC Member Countries. Eng. Eryetli also briefed Mr. AlSoma on his mission regarding the technical assistance provided by SESRIC to the Central Department of Statistics and Information (CDSI) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the development of an information technology mechanism to ensure an effective flow of information among the various government agencies under a national bank of statistical information that will meet requests for information on all fields.

On his part Mr. AlSoma briefed Eng. Eryetli on the e-Government Program (YESSER) and stated that the Government of Saudi Arabia attaches high significance to the e-government concept and strongly believes in the huge benefits of e-government for the national economy. Mr. AlSoma responded affirmatively to the idea of taking part in the activities of the OIC eGovWG.


SESRIC eGovernment Initiative: http://www.sesric.org/activities-egovernment.php

YESSER Official Web Site: http://www.yesser.gov.sa