Training Course on 'Agriculture Statistics' in Malaysia
Date: 21-22 November 2011
Venue: Putrajaya - Malaysia

The Centre organised a training course on “Agriculture Statistics” at the Department of Statistics Malaysia on 21-22 November 2011. The course was provided by Mr. Bahrawar Jan, expert at the Federal Bureau of Statistics, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The training course on “Agriculture Statistics” mainly covered the following subjects:

  • Importance of Agriculture Statistics and Agriculture today
  • Agriculture Statistics: Concepts and definitions
  • Classifications used in agricultural statistics
  • Statistical methods and official agricultural statistics
  • Input-output structure; Agricultural Crops (Major/Minor and Main /By products)
  • Data Collection Schemes
  • Concepts of survey sampling
  • Agricultural census and surveys
  • World Census of Agriculture (WCA)
  • Crop Estimation
  • Production Index and Agriculture Growth
  • Agriculture Gross Value Added (GVA)
  • Extended Scenario of Agriculture Statistics