The 9th Annual Global Development Network (GDN) Conference
Date: 27 January - 02 February 2008
Venue: Brisbane - Australia -

Brisbane, AustraliaLaunched in 1999, the GDN is a global network of research and policy institute dedicated to building high-quality social science research capacity across the developing and transition world. GDN aims to generate policy relevant, local research and build the capacity of research institutes and individual researchers in the developing and transition world. The 9th Annual Global Development Network (GDN) Conference on the theme 'Security for Development: Confronting Threats to Survival and Safety' was held in Brisbane, Australia, on January 27, 2008.

The Conference which featured nearly 500 participants from across the world drew attention to the devastating impact of insecurity and violence on potential development and longterm growth, a theme that is at the top of the international development agenda.

The 6 key messages emanating from the conference were: physical security is a precondition of human security; controlling contagious diseases cannot be done unilaterally; tackling natural disasters and climate change is a development issue; that rule of law can often be implemented through a series of small confidence-building measures ; poverty is not necessarily the main cause of conflict and weak institutions also play a key role; and allocating resources for prevention is essential before disaster or conflicts occur.

Director General of SESRIC, Dr. Savas Alpay represented the Centre there at.

During the Conference, Dr. Savas Alpay had discussions with Dr. Gobind Nankani, Executive Director of the GDN on the possibility of potential cooperation between the SESRIC and the GDN. In his meeting with Dr. Craig Wilson, Executive Director of the Foundation for Development Cooperation, Dr. Savas Alpay explored the potential cooperation between the two institutions in the area of microcredit financing and bilateral activities. Details on the Asia Microfinance Forum 2008 were also talked about during the discussions.

During his talks with the Nobel Prize laureate and Chairman of the Commission on Growth and Development, Mr. Michael Spence, Dr. Savas Alpay discussed the modalities of how OIC Member Countries could benefit from the Commission’s activities concerning the policies and strategies for rapid economic growth and poverty alleviation.

Dr. Savas Alpay also had talks with the author of various distinguished publications and studies on Development in Africa, Prof. Paul Collier, regarding the poverty alleviation strategies that can be implemented in the OIC African Countries and elsewhere.

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