11th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis
Date: 12-14 June 2008
Venue: Helsinki - Finland -

Helsinki, Finland11th Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis was held at Marina Congress Center, Helsinki, Finland, with the theme “Future of Global Economy”. The goal of the conference was to promote the exchange of ideas among economists conducting quantitative analysis of global economic issues.

 The themes of the Eleventh Annual Conference were:

  • Globalization and economies in transition;
  • Development, poverty and vulnerability;
  • Energy and environment; and
  • Wealth, aging and income distribution

The SESRIC staff prepared a paper to be presented in this conference, titled as “South – East Asian Integration in the Context of OIC: Implications of Free Trade among Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh”. The paper looks into the likely consequences of an economic integration among three OIC member countries. This could be seen as a first step to investigate the possible gains from more comprehensive economic integration initiative including all members of the OIC.

For more information on the conference, see the conference website.