Online First Articles

Online First articles are published online before they appear in an issue of a journal.

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Sharing of Prosperity from Growth during India’s Pre and Post Reform Periods: Extent, Trends and Spatial Variations Mofidul Hassan, M P Bezbaruah Abstract
Effects of Foreign Banks on Relation Between Income Distribution and Financial Depth: Evidence from Transition Economies Oğuzhan Şengül, Uğur Adıgüzel Abstract
Explanatory Factors of Non-Performing Loans in Tunisian Banks: Evidence from Panel ARDL/PMG Approach Ben Amor Atiyet Abstract
Post-Covid-19 Recovery and Reforms for Output Growth in South Africa: From Rebound to Recovery Augustine Adebayo Kutu, Lenhle Dlamini Abstract
Intention to use Crowdfunding-Waqf Model (CWM) among Muslim Gen-Z in Indonesia: Role of Religious Orientation using Extended UTAUT2 Anton Bawono, Yudi Saputra, Imam Wahyudi Indrawan Abstract
The Determinants of Cost Efficiency: Evidence from the Kosovo Banking Sector Ardi Ahmeti, Alban Elshani, Skender Ahmeti Abstract
The nexus between Financial inclusion and Income inequality: An Empirical evidence from the European Union Mehmed Ganić Abstract
An Integrated Islamic Co-operative as A Housing Solution for China’s Housing Affordability Issues Yaxin Ma, Fauziah Md Taib Abstract
Systematic Literature Review on the Empirical Evidence in Waqf Studies Nurul Hidayah Md Razali, Rubayah Yakob, Hafizuddin-Syah Abstract
Determinants of Subjective Poverty in Rural and Urban Areas of South Africa Santos Bila, Mduduzi Biyase Abstract
The Determinants of Military Expenditures in Pakistan Shafaq Tariq, Muhammad Ajmair, Khadim Hussain Abstract
Investigating the Effects of Political Globalization on Economic Development in Iran Saman Ghaderi, Ramin Baghban Ghale Rasool Sit Abstract
Do CEO Attributes Influence Financial Reporting Quality of Listed Firms in Nigeria? Using Bibliometric Analysis Saheed Ademola Lateef, Norfadzilah Rashid, Wahid Damilola, Olanipekun, Abdullahi Bala Ado, Umar Aliyu Mustapha Abstract
Islamic Reasoned Action: An Islamic Behavioral Model in the Case of Islamic Microfinance Institutes in Bangladesh Mohammad Ali Ashraf, Shah Md. Safiul Hoque Abstract
Between Benefits and Dependency: Evidences of Women’s Empowerment Through Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (BMT) in Indonesia Ninik Sri Rahayu Abstract
Crude Oil, Palm Oil and Sago Riau: for the Capitalists or the Residents to Stay? Pazli Mahyuddin, Feza Pardhana Abstract
Does Inflationary Expectations Affect The Services Sector In Nigeria? Sabastine Arinze Abstract