Online First Articles

Online First articles are published online before they appear in an issue of a journal.

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Determinants of Islamic Financial Literacy in OIC Countries: A Comprehensive Systematic Review and Analysis H F Harun, M A Sarman, S H Kamaruddin Abstract
The determinants of Tunisia’s exports to sub-Saharan Africa: the impact of institutions Makrem Ben Doudou Abstract
Do capital machinery imports promote exports in Bangladesh? Mohammed Abul Kashem, Hafiza Sharmin Abstract
The nexus between executive compensation and performance: Case of Islamic Banks Lama Al-kayed, Khaoula Aliani Abstract
Rethinking Agri-Food Trade in ASEAN: Issues and Prospects Evelyn S. Devadason Abstract
Military Expenditure-Economic Growth Dynamics: Fresh Insights from Sub-Saharan Africa Efayena Obukohwo Oba, Olele Hilda Enoh, Buzugbe Patricia Ngozi Abstract
Tourism and Globalization Nexus in Top 20 Tourist Destinations: New Evidence from Panel Estimation Selman Bayrakcı, Mustafa Cüneyt Şapcılar, Meral İş Abstract
Worldview of Kiyai Sasak in The Practice of Individual Zakat Model in Lombok Indonesia Zaenudin Mansyur, Riduan Mas’ud Abstract
Analysis of Turkish Deposit Banking Sector with Market Basket Analysis and Genetic Algorithm Mehmet ÖZÇALICI, Onur Akkaya Abstract
Globalization and Conflict in Developing Countries: Role of Institutional Quality Sehrish Shahnaz, Faiza Azhar Khan, Zainab Jehan Abstract
Interactive Use of Performance Measurement Systems, Career Development Opportunities, Job Challenge, and Job Satisfactions Harry Suharman, Muhammad Dahlan, Sugiono Poulus Abstract
Mitigating homelessness and creating market participants by pursuing interest-free Qard Hasan based monetary policy Mohammad Selim, M. Kabir Hassan Abstract
The Determinants and Potentials of India’s Textiles Exports: A Gravity Model Approach Komal Kanwar Shekhawat, Shruti Shastri Abstract
Macroeconomic and Bank-Specific Determinants of Non-Performing Loans for Jordanian Banks: The Effect of COVID-19 Wasfi Al Salamat, Ibrahim N. Khatatbeh Abstract
Investigating the Effects of Political Globalization on Economic Development in Iran Saman Ghaderi, Ramin Baghban Ghale Rasool Sit Abstract
A Brand Research in The Framework of Sustainable Production and Consumption in The Retail Industry Esen Şahin, Sümeyye Nur KARA Abstract
Different stages of regional integration and economic growth: Going beyond Intra-trade Mchwengiseni Wiseman Msomi, Nokulunga Mbona Abstract
Optimal Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism for Economic Growth (In case of Developing Countries) Muhammad Usman Abstract