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Syrian Arab Republic

Location and Geography

Syria is located at the Eastern end of the Mediterranean. It is bordered by Turkey in the North, Iraq in the East, Jordan in the South and Lebanon in the West. Along the Mediterranean Coast lies a fertile plain and parallel to it a narrow range of mountains called Lattakia Mountains. To the south of these, along the border with Lebanon, is the west-Lebanon mountain range where lies Mount Hermon, Syria’s highest point (2814 m). The west-Lebanon mountains taper off into the hilly region called the Golan Heights. The Euphrates river runs through the north-eastern part of Syria, north of it are the fertile Jazeera plains. Syria’s second longest river is the Orontes, which originates from Lebanon and runs north in the western part of Syria. More than a quarter of the land is arable but there are few permanent crops. Meadows and pastures make up nearly half of the land area. Mediterranean climate prevails with rainy winters and dry summers.