OIC Strategic Health Programme of Action 2014-2023
Date: 07 May 2014

The OIC Strategic Health Programme of Action 2014-2023 (OIC-SHPA) is a framework of cooperation among OIC member countries, relevant OIC institutions and international organizations in the field of health. The OIC-SHPA aims to strengthen health care delivery systems and improve health situation in OIC member countries especially by facilitating and promoting intra-OIC transfer of knowledge and expertise in the domain of health.

The OIC-SHPA document is comprised of six sections and an annex. Section I: OIC Vision, Policy and Strategy in the Health Sector outlines the key features of OIC health vision and recommendations of OIC Ten-Year Programme of Action (TYPOA) regarding mother and child health care and fighting diseases and pandemics. Section II: Health Situation in OIC Countries describes the current status of health in member countries by providing a detailed account of the efforts made by OIC member countries and institutions in the domain of health, progress towards achieving the targets of the MDGs related to health and social determinants of health. Section III: Challenges, Obstacles and Problems discuses in length the challenges and major gaps, obstacles and problems facing the member countries in the domain of health. Section IV: Thematic Areas of Cooperation presents six thematic areas of cooperation in the domain of health: (1) Health System Strengthening; (2) Disease Prevention and Control; (3) Maternal New-born and Child Health and Nutrition; (4) Medicines, Vaccines and Medical Technologies; (5) Emergency Health Response and Interventions and (6) Information, Research, Education and Advocacy. Section V: Programmes of Action proposes a set of programmes of action and activities under each thematic area which are to be undertaken collectively by the member countries in collaboration with relevant OIC institutions and international organizations both at national and intra-OIC cooperation level. Section VI: Implementation Mechanism and Monitoring proposes a mechanism for the implementation and monitoring along with identification of some avenues for securing the financial resources for the OIC-SHPA. Annex: Implementation Plan of the OIC-SHPA describes proposed actions and activities under six thematic areas of cooperation with: a) timeline for their implementation (short term, medium term and long term), b) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor the implementation and c) implementing partners (both national and international institutions).

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