OIC Statistical Outlook 2023: Official Development Assistance (ODA) in OIC Countries
Date: 25 May 2023

The “OIC Statistical Outlook 2023: Official Development Assistance (ODA) in OIC Countries” presents international development finance and aid data analysis in terms of inflows to and outflows from OIC countries for the period between 2011 and 2021.

This issue of the OIC Statistical Outlook presents the current stance and trends in OIC countries both individually and as a group related to ODA figures from the recipient and donor perspectives. The study provides an overall analysis on the distribution of ODA items such as technical cooperation, humanitarian assistance and development food aid. Besides, the performance of donor OIC countries is highlighted in terms of the percentage of ODA disbursed in gross national income (GNI) based on most recent available data.

At the global level, net total ODA in current prices received by all developing countries increased by 46.1% from 139.4 billion USD in 2011 to 203.7 billion USD in 2021. On the other hand, the total amount of ODA received by the OIC countries group increased by 73.8% from 45.4 billion USD in 2011 to 78.9 billion USD in current prices in 2021.

In the history of ODA inflows, the share of OIC countries group peaked by receiving almost half (49.4%) of all disbursements in 2005. After experiencing a gradual decrease until 2010, there has been a steady increase in the share of OIC with around 6 percentage points from 32.6% to 38.8% between 2011-2021.

With respect to achieving the 0.70% ODA/GNI target, OIC countries are leading among all the donors. Saudi Arabia ranked first country both among OIC countries and globally in 2021 with 1.01% ODA/GNI rate with a substantial increase from 0.24% in 2019. Türkiye became the second largest donor among OIC countries and third globally with 0.96% in 2021.

The focus of the study is to show the potential of utilizing the ODA as one of the main components of development cooperation and financing among the OIC countries. Furthermore, it demonstrates that the OIC countries group stands not only on the recipient side but also on the provider side with remarkable contributions.

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