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English Fiscal Policy Uncertainty and Economic Growth in Pakistan: Role of Financial Development Indicators Ateeqa Farooq , Bushra Yasmin Download
English The Macroeconomic Determinants of Outward Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of Kuwait Nayef N. Al-Shammari , Mariam S. Behbehani Download
English Factors Influencing Youth’s Decision in Entering Formal and Informal Labour Markets in Egypt Ahmed Abdel Aziz El-Bakly Download
English Investigating the Benefits of a Currency Union to Trade: A Case Study on WAMZ Countries Tamsir Cham Download
English The Optimal Choice of Exchange Rate Regime for Jordanian Dinar Usama R. Alqalawi, Hail A. Jemel, Ahmad A. Alwaked Download
English Is there a Link between Profit Share Rate of Participation Banks and Interest Rate?: The Case of Turkey Cem Korkut, Önder Özgür Download