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English Tax Tilting and Tax Smoothing: Evidence from South Africa and Turkey Mesut Karakas, Taner Turan Download
English Problem of Food Needs Coverage by Availabilities in Niger: An Error-Correction Model Analysis Mamane Tarno, Musa Talba Jibir Download
English Model of Optimal Zakat Allocation by Using Data Envelopment Analysis Approach Vita Sarasi, Ina Primiana, Yunizar Download
English Availability of General Control Procedures of the Security of Accounting Information System (AIS): Evidence from Yemen Yahya Maresh Hamid Hazaa, Jogdand D. A Download
English Tourism Revenue and Economic Growth Relation in Turkey: Evidence of Symmetrical, Asymmetrical and the Rolling Window Regressions Emirhan Yenişehirlioğlu, İzzet Taşar, Tayfur BAYAT Download
English Redevelopment Of The Matching Model: Decortications And Application On The Tunisian Labor Market Monem Abidi Download
English Oil prices and Islamic banks performance in the OIC countries: Evidence from the Dynamic GMM approaches SUTAN EMIR HIDAYAT, Muhammad Rizky Prima Sakti Download