Resilience Building Studies » Displacement and Forced Migration

The 57 countries that make up OIC play a central role in the global debate on displacement and forced migration. Nearly two thirds of the world’s displaced and forced migrants originate from OIC countries. At the same time, these countries host over half of all refugees and asylum seekers in the world, with many serving simultaneously as countries of origin, transit, and destination. OIC countries therefore shoulder a disproportionate share of the global responsibility for protecting displaced people worldwide.

Over the last decade, many OIC countries have experienced high number of displacement and new flows of refugees and asylum seekers that have precipitated new challenges and policy responses. This, in fact, has led SESRIC to undertake research in this area to provide information and solutions to these new and emerging challenges. Within this context, SESRIC has recently started to conduct more research focused on examining the causes, drivers and impact of displacement and forced-migration. SESRIC presents its research finding in this domain in reports submitted to different OIC fora’s and to regional and international conference.