SESRIC and ICDT Jointly Organised a Training Webinar on ‘Prospects of Sustainable Tourism in OIC Member Countries’
Date: 01-02 June 2022
Venue: Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara - Türkiye

Within the framework of its Tourism Capacity Building Programme (Tourism-CaB), SESRIC, in collaboration with the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT), organised a Training Webinar on “Prospects of Sustainable Tourism in OIC Member Countries” on 01 - 02 June 2022 through an online video conferencing platform.

The training webinar was provided by competent experts and academicians from Bangladesh, Malaysia, and SESRIC for the benefit of 72 participants from the Ministries and relevant national institutions in charge of tourism in 23 OIC Member Countries.

The training webinar aimed at strengthening the technical human capacities of participants and raising awareness of tourism experts and executives from different national tourism authorities of the OIC Member Countries as well as fostering experience sharing in this important area. It also provided insights into sustainable tourism marketing, policies and strategies and other relevant aspects of this important concept.

On behalf of H.E. Mr. Nebil DABUR, Director General of SESRIC, Mr. Onur ÇAĞLAR, Director of Training and Technical Cooperation Department, delivered the welcoming remarks by highlighting the growing importance of sustainable tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic considering that the resilience of tourism depends on the sector’s ability to balance the needs of people, environment and prosperity. In this respect, to abide by the principles of sustainable tourism which are referred to by the World Tourism Organization as one that “takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”, he emphasized that OIC countries have to take into consideration these impacts and needs in the planning, development, and operation of the tourism industry with a view to making the tourism sector more sustainable. Therefore, it is essential that all the relevant stakeholders in the tourism sector, including policymakers, tour operators, owners of tourism facilities, etc., come together to collectively develop effective and inclusive sustainable tourism strategies at the national and local levels, he added. Before concluding, Mr. ÇAĞLAR also briefed the participants on SESRIC's programmes and activities in the domain of tourism under its three mandated areas, namely statistics, research and training.

On behalf of H.E. Mrs. Latifa ELBOUABDELLAOUI, Director General of ICDT, Mr. Mamoudou Bocar SALL, Assistant Director General of ICDT, also stressed the importance of sustainable tourism and informed the participants about the various efforts exerted by the Centre in the area of sustainable tourism, including capacity building activities and a study on sustainable tourism which is currently being prepared by the Centre. In his conclusion, Mr. SALL reiterated the engagement of his Institution to continue enhancing collaboration with SESRIC in the common areas of interest to foster the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices in the OIC region.

SESRIC developed and initiated its Tourism Capacity Building Programme (Tourism-CaB) in 2015. The Programme aims at supporting and contributing to the efforts of the OIC Member Countries towards strengthening institutional and human capacities by sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices among the relevant Ministries and national institutions in charge of tourism. Within this framework of this Programme, the Centre organises capacity-building activities by using various modalities such as training courses, training workshops, and study visits. For more information on SESRIC’s Tourism Capacity Building Programme (Tourism-CaB), please visit: