International tourism has become one of the main economic activities and an important source of income for numerous countries in both industrialized and emerging economies. It has therefore been given much attention in the national development strategies of many developing countries and placed on the agenda of many recent international conferences on sustainable development.

Considering their rich and diverse natural, geographic, historical and cultural heritage assets, the OIC Member States, as a group, have a high potential for the development of a sustainable international tourism sector. However, considering the modest share of the OIC Region in the world tourism market and the concentration of the tourism activity in only a few OIC Countries, it seems that a large part of the tourism potential of the OIC Region remains unutilized due to the lack of development of a sustainable tourism sector, less trained human resources, poor governance as well as low quality services. In order to enhance the sector and share the existing experiences and knowledge among the OIC Member States in the area of tourism, SESRIC launched the Tourism Capacity Building Programme (Tourism-CaB) in 2015.

Questionnaire and Terms of Reference (ToR) Files

SESRIC urges all national tourism authorities in the OIC Member States to participate in the Tourism Capacity Building Programme (Tourism-CaB). The valuable participation of national institutions will help SESRIC to effectively plan and implement capacity building training activities which will play an important role in the improvement of human capital in the OIC Member States.

The national tourism authorities in the OIC Member States are highly welcomed to download the related questionnaire available, in the three official languages of the OIC, from the links below:

►   Download the Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French)

The Terms of Reference need to be completed by the beneficiary institutions of the OIC Member States to identify the exact scope of the requested capacity building activities. The files can be downloaded from the links below:

►   Terms of Reference for Training Courses (English) (Arabic) (French)
►   Terms of Reference for Training Workshops (English) (Arabic) (French)
►   Terms of Reference for Study Visits (English) (Arabic) (French)

Register as an Expert

If you wish to be included in the Roster of Experts of the SESRIC Capacity Building Programmes (ROSCAB), please complete and submit the online registration form.

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Main Subjects

Measurement of tourism's economic impact Tourism policy and strategy Destination management
Management of tourism in protected areas Tourism marketing Risk assessment and crisis management in tourism
Tourism investment; orientation, opportunities, entrepreneurship Tourism industry Sustainable tourism development and poverty alleviation
Strategic planning for sustainable tourism development Tourism, climate change and the transformation to the green economy  

Implemented Activities
Venue Date Information
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 08-12 January 2024 SESRIC Organized a Training Course on ‘Halal Tourism and Muslim-Friendly Hospitality Services’ as Part of the Preparations to Celebrate Khiva as the OIC City of Tourism 2024
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 29-30 November 2023 Training Course on ‘Strengthening Practice of Ecotourism and Conservation in the OIC Region’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 04-05 October 2023 Training Webinar on the ‘Gastronomy Tourism in OIC Countries’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 24-25 May 2023 Training Webinar on ‘Digitalization of Tourism Services in OIC Countries’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 08-09 November 2022 Training Webinar on ‘Prospects of Health Tourism in OIC Member Countries’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 19-21 July 2022 Training Course on ‘Strengthening Institutional Capacities in the Field of Halal Tourism Industry to Improve the Competitiveness of Tourism Destinations’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 01-02 June 2022 SESRIC and ICDT Jointly Organised a Training Webinar on ‘Prospects of Sustainable Tourism in OIC Member Countries’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 14-16 March 2022 SESRIC Organised the Training Course on 'Tourism and Hospitality Services' in collaboration with the Gambia OIC-Secretariat and the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Türkiye
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 21-22 February 2022 His Excellency Mr. Alpha SOUMAH, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Handicraft of the Republic of Guinea, Addressed the Opening of the Training Webinar on ‘Managing and Marketing Protected Areas’ Jointly Organised by SESRIC and ICDT
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 24-26 August 2021 Training Course on ‘Effective Strategic Planning for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism Development’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 29 March - 02 April 2021 Training of Trainers (ToT) Course on ‘Tourism and Hospitality Services’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 22-26 March 2021 Training Course on ‘Halal Tourism and Muslim-Friendly Hospitality Services’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 02-04 March 2021 Training Workshop on ‘Tourism Destination Marketing Strategies’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 09-13 November 2020 Training Course on “Tourism Development”
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 23-27 August 2020 Training Course on ‘Developing Multi Destination Tourism Corridors’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 29 June - 03 July 2020 Training Course on “Strategic Planning for Sustainable Tourism Development”
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 08-12 June 2020 Training of Trainers (ToT) Course on ‘Promoting Entrepreneurship for Tourism Industry Competitiveness’
Bishkek Kyrgyzstan 10-12 December 2019 Training Course on ‘Halal Tourism’
Ankara Türkiye 05-07 November 2019 Training Workshop for the Managers of West African Cross-Border Parks and Protected Areas
Dhaka Bangladesh 15 October 2019 SESRIC Commemorated Dhaka as the OIC City of Tourism 2019
Paramaribo Suriname 15-17 July 2019 Training Workshop on the Developing Muslim Friendly Tourism in Suriname and Guyana
Antalya Türkiye 04 April 2019 Panel Discussion on Prospects and Challenges in Halal Tourism in the Islamic World
Tashkent, Samarkand Uzbekistan 13-16 November 2018 SESRIC organized a Seminar and a Training Course on Halal Tourism and Muslim-Friendly Hospitality Service in OIC Countries
Malatya Türkiye 09-12 July 2018 Project on ‘Improving Islamic Tourism Ecosystem in OIC Member Countries: Destination and Industry Development’
Ankara Türkiye 24 April 2018 SESRIC and Governorship of Malatya Signed Partnership Agreement
Ankara Türkiye 19 February 2018 SESRIC project on “Improving Tourism Ecosystem in OIC Countries” to be funded by COMCEC
Dhaka Bangladesh 05-07 February 2018 SESRIC Launched the International Tourism in the OIC Countries: Prospects and Challenges 2017 during the 10th Session of Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers
Ankara Türkiye 04-07 July 2017 Training Program on the Development and Promotion of Muslim Friendly Tourism in COMCEC Member Countries
Ankara Türkiye 27 March 2017 SESRIC awarded grant by COMCEC
Konya Türkiye 15-16 November 2016 Workshop on ‘The Future of Tourism Development in Konya’
Padang Indonesia 29 September 2016 The 1st Meeting of the Working Group on Islamic Tourism
Konya Türkiye 04 March 2016 'Islamic Tourism Capital for 2016 Konya' conference was held in Konya
Niamey Niger 21-23 December 2015 9th Session of Islamic Conference of Tourism Ministers
Riyadh Saudi Arabia 08-10 June 2015 Training Course on “Management of Tourism in Protected Areas” in Saudi Arabia
Banjul Gambia 25-26 March 2015 Training Course on 'Tourism Marketing' in Gambia