Directory of National Institutions in OIC Member Countries (OIC-DIR)
Date : 08 January 2019

SESRIC has developed an online Directory of National Institutions in OIC Member Countries (OIC-DIR), accessible through the dedicated page, to facilitate communication among the public institutions/public-benefit organisations in the OIC Member States with an aim at increasing the cooperation linkages.

Therefore, the Centre kindly requests all the National Institutions in OIC Countries, including the Central Banks, Chambers, Development Agencies, Government-Funded News Agencies, Investment Promotion Agency, Line Ministries, National and Sub-National Statistics Offices, Research Institutes, Think Tanks under Government Institutions, Training Institutes, Trade Unions / Employers' Organisation, Universities/Higher Education Institutes, and other (public or public-benefit institutions), to register their contact details under the OIC-DIR.

The self-registration links of OIC-DIR is accessible through: