The workshop on electronic postal payment services for the Arab region
Date : 13-14 December 2017 Venue : Tunis Tunisia

In collaboration with Union Postale Universelle  (UPU) and La Poste Tunisienne, SESRIC will organize a workshop on “Electronic postal payment services for the Arab region” on 13-14 December 2017, in Tunis, Tunisia.

In accordance with the UPU 2017–2020 regional development plan for the countries of the Arab region, The main aim of the workshop is  to enable the designated operators (DOs) of the countries to further develop and improve electronic payment services by extending the network, enhancing the services, and implementing the new postal payment services (PPS) vision and UPU trademark.

In view of all the actions already undertaken and the potential for developing electronic postal financial services via the International Financial System (IFS) network, the following objectives have been identified:

  • Extend the UPU worldwide electronic postal payment network (WEPPN) and open new PPS corridors by implementing instant PPS via the interconnection platform;
  • Review the multilateral agreement;
  • Implement the trademark, improve PPS quality, and adopt PPS tools;
  • Develop mobile-based PPS.

The workshop programme will cover the following:

  • Preparation of the roadmap/activities for connecting new users and opening corridors;
  • Implementation of instant PPS exchanges via the interconnection platform;
  • Implementation of UPU quality-of-service standards and discussion and planning of organizational,
  • operational and technical issues for WEPPN users with respect to the use of PPS tools: e- Compendium,
  • Financial Electronic Inquiry System (FEIS), Quality Control System (QCS) and PPS*Clearing;
  • Review of the multilateral agreement for the region.

The representatives from each designated operators (DOs), namely, senior managers from the postal financial services department or IT specialists in the area of financial services will participle in the workshop.