SESRIC to Provide Training Courses for Assistant Trainers in Collaboration with Turkish Maarif Foundation
Date : 06 August 2018 Venue : Istanbul Turkey

SESRIC will provide two training courses on the “Examination of International Education Reports and Monitoring of Educational Indicators” and the “Role of Education in Economic Growth and Development”, respectively on 06 August and 25 September 2018, in Istanbul, Turkey.

The two training sessions will be provided during the "Specialist Assistant Training Programme" organized by Turkish Maarif Foundation, a non-profit public educational foundation.

The Specialist Assistant Training Programme aims to improve the education of around 70 schools in 17 different countries.

The programme started on 21 May 2018 and it will last until 08 October 2018.

Turkish Maarif Foundation was established in 2016 by the Turkish Government with the intention of providing educational services outside Turkey, from pre-school to higher education.