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Latest Indicator Data of Category: Agriculture
Agricultural Area: 112,702.00 Thousand hectares (2012) Timeplot
Agricultural Population: 22,664.00 Thousands (2012) Timeplot
Arable Land Area, % of Total Land Area: 8.86 Percentages (2012) Timeplot
Arable Land, Total: 21,045.00 Thousand hectares (2012) Timeplot
Fertilizer Use: 222,270.00 Tonnes (2012) Timeplot
Fish Catches: 35,988.00 Tonnes (2013) Timeplot
Number of Tractors: 25,564.00 Units (2008) Timeplot
Permanent Crops: 207.00 Thousand hectares (2012) Timeplot
Permanent Meadows and Pastures: 91,453.80 Thousand hectares (2012) Timeplot
Production of Cereal: 5,947,000.00 Tonnes (2013) Timeplot
Production of Cereal per Person: 156.65 Kilograms (2013) Timeplot
Production of Cotton: 130.00 1000 480 lb. Bales (2014) Timeplot
Production of Cotton per Person: 0.92 Kilograms (2013) Timeplot
Production of Fruits: 2,966,429.00 Tonnes (2012) Timeplot
Production of Fruits per Person: 79.75 Kilograms (2012) Timeplot
Production of Meat: 1,078,500.00 Tonnes (2012) Timeplot
Production of Meat per Person: 29.00 Kilograms (2012) Timeplot
Production of Vegetables: 3,041,976.00 Tonnes (2012) Timeplot
Production of Vegetables per Person: 81.78 Kilograms (2012) Timeplot

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