Since November 2007, the Centre has been preparing short outlook reports on various socio-economic development topics related to the OIC Member States. Using the Centre’s OIC Statistics (OICStat) Database, these reports present statistical information and analytical investigations on the topics under consideration, enriched with figures and tables. The topics of these reports include, among others, demography and structure of population, size and structure of the economy, saving and investment, structure and direction of trade, labour productivity, health, tourism, gender, food security, cancer and street children.

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Key Challenges of Youth in OIC Countries

This report investigates the challenges facing youth in OIC member countries under four categories: education, employment, social mobility and inclusion, and mental health. It reviews the current state of youth education and unemployment in OIC countries, highlights some major issues related to social mobility, social inclusion and mental health of youth, and provides some relevant policy recommendations. Overall, there are some serious concerns on the quality and relevance of higher education in OIC countries in terms of preparing the young people to labour market. It is evident that it becomes more difficult to find jobs for the young people that match their qualifications and skills. It is also observed that there is not enough progress in social mobility and participation of youth in society.

The State of Children in OIC Member Countries

This report provides a detailed analysis and evaluation of the state of children in OIC countries. The report gauges the performance of OIC countries in four dimensions: child health and well-being, child nutrition and food security, basic education and schooling and child protection and welfare by analyzing the latest data on indicators like child mortality trends, prevalence of under nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies, school enrolment and attendance and incidence of child labour and maltreatment. Results of data analyzed show that OIC countries, as a group, are still lagging behind the world and non-OIC developing countries averages. In particular, the situation remained significantly poor in OIC countries located in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa region. The report concludes with policy recommendations aiming to enhance the implementation of interventions both at national and intra-OIC and international cooperation level to improve the state of children in OIC countries.

State of Elderly in OIC Member Countries

This report highlights some ageing issues in OIC member countries. It analyses the demographics, social and economic well-being of the ageing population. The report also examines the institutions for the elderly, analyses the social integration of older residents, and provides an overview of international human rights mechanisms affecting older persons. The report ends with some concluding remarks and policy recommendations.