Since November 2007, the Centre has been preparing short outlook reports on various socio-economic development topics related to the OIC Member States. Using the Centre’s OIC Statistics (OICStat) Database, these reports present statistical information and analytical investigations on the topics under consideration, enriched with figures and tables. The topics of these reports include, among others, demography and structure of population, size and structure of the economy, saving and investment, structure and direction of trade, labour productivity, health, tourism, gender, food security, cancer and street children.

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Labour Migration Trends and Policies in OIC Member Countries

OIC countries are both senders and receivers of millions of international migrants, accounting for 31% of global emigration and 27% of global immigration. The majority of migrants are economic migrants, who leave their country of origin purely for economic reasons. Empirical data and evidence suggest that protecting the rights of migrant workers enhances the development and productivity benefits of migration, while the violation of their rights contributes to social and economic disintegration.