Transportation Capacity Building Programme (Transport-CaB)

Transportation is a leading sector in both national and regional development and an indispensable element in economic activity. It contributes to socio-economic development through creating investment opportunities and jobs, boosting trade and improving living standards. The provision of adequate and efficient transportation services is an essential requirement not only for increased access to the local and international markets but also for improving healthcare, education and tourism in a country. Establishing modern and efficient multi-modal transportation infrastructures and services, including land transportation, water transportation and air transportation, is a crucial factor for enhancing and strengthening regional economic cooperation and integration as well as eliminating barriers that reduce the connectivity among the member countries.

Against this background, SESRIC developed Transportation Capacity Building Programme (Transport-CaB) in 2021 with the aim of supporting and contributing to the efforts of the OIC member countries towards enhancing the institutional and human capacities of their national institutions in the field of transportation. The programme will also facilitate the transferring, sharing and exchanging of knowledge, experiences and best practices among the member countries in this important domain through various modalities such as training courses, training workshops and technical study visits.

Questionnaire and Terms of Reference (ToR) Files

SESRIC urges all national institutions in the OIC Member States working in the domain of transportation to participate in its Transportation Capacity Building Programme (Transport-CaB). The valuable participation of the national institutions will help SESRIC effectively plan and implement training activities, which will play an important role in enhancing the human capacities of their national institutions.

The national institutions in the OIC Member States working in the domain of transportation are highly welcome to download the related questionnaire, available in the three official languages of the OIC, from the links below and send the filled questionnaire to

►   Download the Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French)

The Terms of Reference need to be completed by the beneficiary institutions of the OIC Member States in order to identify the exact scope of the requested capacity building activities. The files can be downloaded from the links below:

►   Terms of Reference for Training Courses (English) (Arabic) (French)
►   Terms of Reference for Training Workshops (English) (Arabic) (French)
►   Terms of Reference for Study Visits (English) (Arabic) (French)

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Main Subjects

Multi-modal Freight Transportation Air transportation Maritime Transportation
Transport Corridors Civil Aviation Port Management
Urban Transportation Air Cargo Land Transportation
Public-Private Partnerships Rail Transport
Planning Transport Infrastructure Investments Road Transport


Implemented Activities

Venue Date Information
Tunis - Tunisia 02-06 April 2018 Workshop on the Operational Readiness for E-Commerce Project: Quality of Service Fund (QSF) and Remuneration for the Arab Region
Tunis - Tunisia 13-14 December 2017 Workshop on electronic postal payment services for the Arab region
Ramallah - Palestine 16-18 May 2017 Training Course on ‘Postal Codes and Addressing System’
Dhaka - Bangladesh 21-22 December 2016 Training Course on ''Cross Border Activities''
Djibouti City - Djibouti 28-30 September 2015 Training Course on ‘‘Cross-border Activities’’ in Djibouti
Eskişehir - Türkiye 02-04 June 2015 Training Workshop on ‘‘Carriage of Dangerous Goods: the legal framework and challenges for employees’’
Amman - Jordan 05-07 April 2015 Training Course on “Postal Financial Services, Electronic Services and Letter Post Service” in Jordan
Nouakchott - Mauritania 24-25 March 2015 Training Course on “Parcel, Logistics, Express and Postal Financial Services” in Mauritania
Banjul - Gambia 13-14 March 2015 Training Course on ‘Postal Financial Services and Postal Codes-Addressing System’ in Gambia
Khartoum - Sudan 10-11 March 2015 Training Course on ‘Technical Operations and Infrastructures’ in Sudan
Kampala - Uganda 24-25 February 2015 Training Course on ‘Parcel, Logistics Services and Express’ in Uganda
Djibouti - Djibouti 17-19 February 2015 Training Course on ‘Postal Financial Services’ in Djibouti
Eskisehir - Türkiye 05-08 November 2013 Railway Safety Management Training Programme
Eskisehir - Türkiye 17-21 June 2013 Workshop on 'Railway System Technologies'
Ankara - Türkiye 13 February 2013 Memorandum of Understanding signed with General Directorate of Turkish Post (PTT)