Recognizing the central role of health in overall human development, socio-economic progress and poverty alleviation, the domain of health is one of the important areas of cooperation identified by the Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). The OIC Member States have paid special attention to the issue of health and development of modern and sustainable health systems by allocating more resources to the health sector in the last decade. Consequently, these Member States have witnessed significant improvement in healthcare coverage. However, even with these positive improvements, the OIC group still tends to lag behind the performance of other country groups on many fronts. This is especially the case in the least developed OIC Member States, which are still lagging behind with fragile health care systems caused by insufficient financial resources, weak infrastructure, inadequate workforce, and slow progress in health sector reforms.

In this connection, SESRIC developed the IbnSina Health Capacity Building Programme (IbnSina-CaB) in 2010 in order to improve the health service delivery and practices in the OIC Member States. Within the framework of IbnSina-CaB, the Centre analyses the needs and capacities of Member States through the responses of the related questionnaires and based on this analysis, organises short-term training courses, training workshops and study visits.

Questionnaire and Terms of Reference (ToR) Files

SESRIC urges all ministries of health in the OIC Member States to participate in the IbnSina Health Capacity Building Programme (IbnSina-CaB). The valuable participation of the Ministries of Health will help SESRIC to effectively plan and implement capacity building training activities which will play an important role in the improvement of human capital in the OIC Member States.

The Ministries of Health in the OIC Member States are highly welcomed to download the related questionnaire available, in the three official languages of the OIC, from the links below:

►   Download the Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French)

The Terms of Reference need to be completed by the beneficiary institutions of the OIC Member States to identify the exact scope of the requested capacity building activities. The files can be downloaded from the links below:

►   Terms of Reference for Training Courses (English) (Arabic) (French)
►   Terms of Reference for Training Workshops (English) (Arabic) (French)
►   Terms of Reference for Study Visits (English) (Arabic) (French)

Register as an Expert

If you wish to be included in the Roster of Experts of the SESRIC Capacity Building Programmes (ROSCAB), please complete and submit the online registration form.

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Main Subjects

National Health Development Plan ICT Infrastructure for the Health Sector Emergency Situations and Other Crisis
Diseases Improving Maternal Health Reducing the under-five mortality
Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases E-Learning for Health Professionals General Health Information for the General Public
Policy or Strategy for a Digital National Open Archive E-Health Emergency / Disasters and Crisis Management

Implemented Activities
Venue Date Information
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 23-25 May 2023 Training Course on ‘Fundamentals of Integrated Management on Health Emergencies and Crises’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 15-17 August 2022 Training Course on ‘Prevention Strategies for Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 06-08 December 2021 Training Course on ‘Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Care in Sub-Saharan Africa’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 04-07 October 2021 Training Course on ‘Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases and the Management of Epidemics’
SESRIC HQs, Ankara Türkiye 17-18 July 2019 Brainstorming Workshop for OIC Medical Corps
Istanbul Türkiye 01-26 April 2019 Medical Observership Programme for Palestinian Doctors
Mogadishu Somalia 23-27 March 2019 Training Course on ‘Disaster and Prehospital Emergency Medicine’ in Somalia
Ankara Türkiye 11-29 March 2019 Intensive Care and Infection Control Training
Chad Djibouti 25 February - 01 March 2019 Training Course on ‘Disaster and Prehospital Emergency Medicine’ in Djibouti and Chad
Istanbul Türkiye 16-18 January 2019 Media Workshop on Organ Donation and Transplantation
Ankara Türkiye 26 November - 14 December 2018 Intensive Care & Infection Control Training
Khartoum Sudan 18-29 November 2018 Training Course on ‘Disaster and Prehospital Medicine’ in Sudan
Izmir Türkiye 01-11 October 2018 Training of Trainers Course on 'Disaster and Prehospital Medicine'
Ankara Türkiye 03 September - 28 December 2018 GIT Training Course on ERCP Technique for Syrian Doctors
Khartoum Sudan 12-16 August 2018 Training Course on ‘ Disaster and Emergency Interventions’ in Sudan
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso 01-02 August 2018 High Level Regional Seminar on Promoting Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Programmes in the OIC African Member States
Khartoum Sudan 15-19 July 2018 Training Course on ‘Disaster and Prehospital Medicine’ in Sudan
Ankara Türkiye 25 June - 13 July 2018 Training Programme on ‘Intensive Care & Infection Control’
Izmir Türkiye 02-11 May 2018 SESRIC, TIKA and the Ministry of Health of Turkey organised a Trainers Course on 'Disaster and Prehospital Medicine'
Istanbul Türkiye 18 April 2018 Workshop on Integration of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practices into the Health Systems and Health Services
Banjul Gambia 11-15 December 2017 Infection Control and Quality Management Course Programme
Khartoum Sudan 26 November - 01 December 2017 Emergency and Disaster Medical Services Training
Ankara Türkiye 08-18 August 2017 Training Workshop on 'Health Journalism'
Ankara Türkiye 19-22 March 2017 5th Congress on the Mother and Child Nutrition in the First 1000 Days
Ankara-Izmir Türkiye 06-08 March 2017 Strengthening Coordination and Capacity Building on Preparedness and Response for Health Emergencies in OIC Member States: Sudan Study visit
Istanbul-Turkey 17-31 January 2017 Training on Emergency Obstetrics and C-Section in War
Amman Jordan 17 August 2016 SESRIC signed MoU with the Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network (EMPHNET)
Amman Jordan 16-17 August 2016 OIC RMNCH Network Expert Group Meeting
Amman Jordan 15-16 August 2016 NCD Alliance/WHO EMRO Capacity Development Workshop
Istanbul Türkiye 14 April 2016 First Ladies’ Leadership on Cancer Control
Antalya Türkiye 06-10 April 2016 18th Intensive Care Congress
Izmir Türkiye 28 February - 10 March 2016 Training Course on ‘Emergency and Disaster Medical Services’ in İzmir
Ankara Türkiye 02-04 December 2015 First Expert Meeting of the OIC Network on Population and Reproductive, Maternal, New-born and Child Health (OIC RMNCH Net) was kicked off
Dakar Senegal 25 July - 08 August 2015 Phaco Training Project in Senegal
İzmir Türkiye 30 March - 10 April 2015 Training Course on “Emergency and Disaster Medical Services” in Turkey
Ankara Türkiye 19-21 January 2015 Inaugural Meeting for the Maternal and Child Survival Project
Tripoli Lebanon 17-18 September 2014 Training Course on Medical Emergency Management in Lebanon
Nouakchott Mauritania 14-16 May 2014 Training Programme: 'Recognition and Prevention of Diabetes' in Nouakchott, Islamic Republic of Mauritania
Nouakchott Mauritania 07-08 November 2013 Training Programme: ‘AIDS Recognition and Prevention’ in Nouakchott
İzmir Türkiye 26 September 2013 Doctors from Mali Received Certificates
Antalya Türkiye 15 August - 15 November 2013 Medical Doctors from Cameroon Received Certificates
Kaduna Nigeria 01-02 June 2013 Training Programme 'Recognition and Prevention of Diabetes' in Kaduna
Izmir Türkiye 23 April - 02 May 2013 Training Course on 'Hospital and Health Care Facilities Management and Administration' in Turkey
Ankara Türkiye 03 April 2013 SESRIC and Southeast International Health Federation (GUSAF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
Assiut Egypt 06-10 February 2013 Training Course on ‘Minimally Invasive Surgery’ in Assiut, Egypt
Mogadishu Somalia 01 January - 24 February 2013 Emergency Medicine Training in Somalia
Ankara Türkiye 10 December 2012 SESRIC and International Anatolian Health Federation (USAF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to Facilitate Collaboration on IbnSina Health Capacity Building Programme (IbnSina-HCaB)
Mogadishu Somalia 01 November 2012 - 31 January 2013 Pediatric Emergency Medicine Training in Somalia
Sanaa Yemen 28 September - 02 October 2012 Training Programme on “Hospital and Health Care Facilities Management and Administration” in Yemen
Ankara Türkiye 10 September 2012 SESRIC and Aegean International Federation of Health (ESAFED) signed Training MoU to Facilitate Collaboration on Ibni Sina Health Capacity Building Programme
Sana‘a Yemen 24-25 June 2012 Training Programme on 'Modern Hospital Management Trends'
Dhaka Bangladesh 22-24 March 2012 Training Course on 'Health Information System' in Bangladesh