The OIC-2025 Programme of Action recognizes the importance of labour markets in building a better quality of life, promoting productive employment, and in creating adequate social protection for OIC peoples through enhancing workforce competitiveness, creating a harmonious and progressive workplace, and promotion of decent work for all. To these ends, cooperation among OIC Member States is critical in order to share a wide range of expertise in areas crucial to the national strategies for reducing unemployment, including expertise in supporting capacity building, strategy development, project and program planning/designing, resource mobilization and mentoring capability.

In line with the request of the Public Employment Services Network (OIC-PESNET), and in line with the OIC Framework for Cooperation on Labour, Employment and Social Protection adopted during the Second Islamic Conference of Labour Ministers held on 23-26 April 2013, in Baku, Azerbaijan; SESRIC launched the Public Employment Services Capacity Building Programme (PES-CaB) in 2014 with the aim of improving public employment services in the OIC Member States.

Questionnaire and Terms of Reference (ToR) Files

SESRIC urges all relevant national authorities responsible for public employment services in the OIC Member States to participate in the Public Employment Services Capacity Building Programme (PES-CaB). The valuable participation of national institutions will help SESRIC to effectively plan and implement capacity building training activities, which will play an important role in the improvement of human capital in the OIC Member States.

The relevant national authorities responsible from public employment services in the OIC Member States are highly welcomed to download the related questionnaire available, in the three official languages of the OIC, from the links below:

►   Download the Questionnaire (English) (Arabic) (French)

The Terms of Reference need to be completed by the beneficiary institutions of the OIC Member States to identify the exact scope of the requested capacity building activities. The files can be downloaded from the links below:

►   Terms of Reference for Training Courses (English) (Arabic) (French)
►   Terms of Reference for Training Workshops (English) (Arabic) (French)
►   Terms of Reference for Study Visits (English) (Arabic) (French)

Register as an Expert

If you wish to be included in the Roster of Experts of the SESRIC Capacity Building Programmes (ROSCAB), please complete and submit the online registration form.

Please Click Here to access the ROSCAB registration page.

Main Subjects

Employment policies and strategies Job creation for youth Skills training services
Self-employment and micro enterprise Managing information on labour market Labour inspection
Professional categorization system Unemployment insurance and employment protection Labour market statistics
Management of labour mobility Public employment services funding Public private partnership
Combating Informal Employment Others

Implemented Activities
Venue Date Information
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 13-14 March 2024 Training Workshop on ‘Effective Labour Market Information Systems’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 07-09 March 2023 Training Course on ‘Optimal Design of Unemployment Insurance and Employment Protection’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 01-03 November 2022 Training Workshop on ‘Knowledge-Economy, Promotion of Entrepreneurship Activities and Reducing Informal Employment’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 19-20 October 2022 Training Course on ‘Fostering Information Technology (IT) Solutions to Improve the Effectiveness of Public Employment Services (PES) in the OIC Member Countries’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 14-15 September 2022 Workshop on ‘The Role of Digital Solutions for Effective Delivery of Public Employment Services in the OIC Countries’
Virtual, Ankara Türkiye 03 August 2022 Training Webinar on ‘Development of Entrepreneurial Skills of Disabled People’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 21-23 June 2022 Training Course on ‘Measuring the Impacts of Labour Market Information on Employment Services’
Virtual, Ankara Türkiye 24-26 May 2022 Training Course on ‘Management of Migrant Labour Force’
Virtual, Ankara Türkiye 28-29 March 2022 Training Course on ‘Labour Market Research Methodologies’
Virtual, Baku Azerbaijan 22-23 November 2021 Training Course on ‘Skills Training Services’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 28-30 September 2021 Training Workshop on ‘Developing a Successful Employment and Skills Strategy’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 02-03 June 2021 The 3rd Meeting of the OIC Public Employment Services Network (OIC-PESNET)
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 08-11 March 2021 Training Course on ‘Advancement and Empowerment of Women’s Entrepreneurial Skills’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 01-04 February 2021 Training Workshop on ‘Institutional Capacity Building for Effective Labour Market Information Systems’
Virtual-SESRIC, Ankara Türkiye 08-17 July 2020 Training Course on ‘Skills and Entrepreneurship Development’
Djibouti City Djibouti 06-08 October 2019 Training course on ‘Skills Development and Entrepreneurship’
Dakar Senegal 20-21 September 2017 Training Course on Managing information on labour market
Ankara Türkiye 27-28 September 2016 Second Meeting of the OIC Public Employment Services Network
Ouagadougou Burkina Faso 19-22 January 2015 Training Course on “Labour Market Statistics” and “Labour Inspection” in Burkina Faso
Baku Azerbaijan 01-02 December 2014 Training Course on “Job Creation for Youth and Skills Training Services” in Azerbaijan
Ankara Türkiye 29-30 April 2014 First Meeting on Public Employment Services in OIC Member Countries