Cooperation among OIC Cotton-Producing Member Countries

SESRIC has participated actively in preparing the “Action Plan for the OIC Cotton Producing Countries and the Cooperation Development Strategy (2007-2011)”, which has been adopted by the 3rd Expert Group Meeting on “Enhancing Production Efficiency and International Competitiveness”. SESRIC also participated actively in the “Forum on Enhancement and Promotion of Trade and Investment in the Cotton Sector among OIC Member Countries”, which was organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Turkey in collaboration with the OIC General Secretariat and held in Istanbul on 12-13 November 2007. The Centre participated in the preparation for the said forum through providing some technical contributions to the Forum website, preparing the list of participants and designing the questionnaire on the needs and capacities of the OIC cotton producing countries. The Centre also presented a working paper at the said Forum titled “The Cotton Sector in the OIC Countries: Problems and Possibilities of Cooperation”, which highlights the importance of cotton in the OIC countries in terms of production and trade. It investigates the challenges facing the OIC cotton producing countries and provides a brief analysis of the world cotton markets. The paper also elaborates on some possible ways of cooperation among the OIC member countries in this important sector and concludes with the recommendation of establishing an OIC Cotton Alliance among OIC cotton producers, traders and industrialists to coordinate such cooperation.

SESRIC is an active member in both the Steering Committee and Project Committee of the OIC Forum on Enhancement and Promotion of Trade and Investment in Cotton Sector among OIC Member Countries.

Cooperation in the cotton sector is an important initiative within the OIC which was vitalized after the WTO Talks collapsed at Cancun Conference in 2004 because of the disagreement on the subsidies to the cotton sector. Cotton is crucial product for some OIC Countries especially the countries in West and Central Africa.

Planned / Implemented Meetings

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Training Course on ‘Development of Sustainable Transgenic Technology, Commercialization and Post-release Monitoring’
Date : 08-10 May 2018 Venue : Ankara Turkey

SESRIC organized a 3-day training course on “Development of Sustainable Transgenic Technology, Commercialization and Post-release Monitoring” within the framework of the OIC Cotton Training Programme (OIC-CTP) in Ankara, Turkey, on 08-10 May 2018.

Training Course on ‘Genotyping by Sequencing Analysis’
Date : 05-07 March 2018 Venue : Bursa Turkey

SESRIC organised a training course on “Genotyping by Sequencing Analysis” within the framework of OIC Cotton Training Programme (OIC-CTP) on 05- 07 March 2018, in Bursa, Turkey. The training course was provided by experts from Horticulture Department of Uludag University in Turkey for the experts from Agrarian Science and Information Advisory Center of Azerbaijan and Genetic Resources Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.